Don't Speak To The President Like He's Your Child Ever Again! - Socrates Sarfo Fires At Yvonne Nelson And Co
Socrate Safo

Ghanaian movie director and film maker, Socrate Safo has angrily blast Yvonne Nelson and her colleague celebrities who recently ordered Akufo-Addo to add his voice to the ongoing violence in Nigeria.

The Anti Special Robbery Squad (SARS) operation which recently took over in Nigeria has exposed the emotional nature of some Ghanaian celebrities as many reacted to the issue as if their reactions can put an end to the protests.

After failing to end the protest with their reactions on social media, Yvonne Nelson, Lydia Forson and some few other celebrities who childishly thought maybe a reaction from Akufo-Addo will perform some magic mounted pressure on the president to react quick to the issue.

Out of pressure and stress, the flag bearer for the New Patriotic Party took to his social media handles and wrote an emotional piece of information, indicating that he has already spoken to Buhari to take a step and end the protest.

Well, Socrate Safo who is yet to read meaning into what Yvonne Nelson and her colleagues did has given them a fair share his mind.

According to him in an interview with Okay FM monitored by, it is punishable by six bucket of water and ten lashes for commanding the president to do what you think it is the right.

Making reference to what happened in Ivory Coast some years back, Socrate said the late Atta Mills who was the president then told Ghanaians to mind their business and stop thinking about issues happening in other countries.

Though what is happening in Nigeria is painful, I simply do not understand why Ghanaians have taken the issues soo personal.