One would say, there are some mistakes or sins that can easily be forgiven, and there are some mistakes that are not pardonable no matter how one tends to still love, care and is committed to the other person. 

Being an unforgiving individual and letting by-gones be by-gones ranges from the degree of the wrong being done. And this varies from individual to individual. Be you a male or a female. There are some wrongs a man would commit and a woman would forgive him. Whereas, if the woman in question commits the same wrong, a man might hold it against her for the rest of her life or as long as the said relationship would last.

Below are some list of wrongs a woman would do to her man, that he finds it so unforgivable;

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1. A woman who sleeps with other men while still in the relationship:

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this is one of the greatest sin a woman would ever commit to a man. A man might say he has forgiven the woman, but he won’t really relate with her the ways he used to. He might just see her as someone to just sleep with, to pass time and not really taken her seriously.

2. A woman who disrespect his family:

Family is everything. No matter what, a lady doesn’t have the right to disrespect the family of her partner by either abusing them, fighting them, or saying bad things behind their backs. That brings disunity and disharmony in the relationship. And the man will hold it against the woman for a long time to come.

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3. A woman who cheats with a close pal to her partner:

What could be more worse than knowing your woman is cheating on you with a close friend of yours. A man can never forgive and take this kind of sin from his woman. This is a unpardonable sin I must say!

4.  A woman who uses the man for financial gain:

No one wants to be taken for granted. Or be used for one or few things one stands to gain from the relationship. Once a man notices this act, he feels less wanted and end up hating the woman

5. A woman who all she does is fight and disgrace her man at the slightest provocation:

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no man wants a woman who is a tigress or a lioness. A woman who at the slightest misunderstanding would start shouting and disgracing her man in the presence of his neighbors and friends. This is a sin done by a woman in which a man finds it unforgivable.

 6. A woman who makes her man to loose his job due to her lying against him:

In most countries abroad a lot of men tends to loose their identity annually because of how their women becomes uncontrollable and disrespectful towards them just because the authority supports the women more. A man can never forgive this kind of sin from a woman. Because men see their jobs as their babies, so once that is taken from them, and the cause of that happening is the woman, then it becomes an unforgivable sin.

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