Spending millions on a song has nothing to do with hit songs – Qwaachi

Qwaachi (image source: Facebook/Qwaachi Classic)

Ghanaian Highlife singer Qwaachi says investing millions of money in a song does not automatically makes the song a smash hit.

He opined that spending a lot of money on a song has nothing to do with hit songs — contrary to the views of the masses.

The ‘Deepest Regret’ composer faced the wrath of Ghanaians following a jewelry he gifted Afia Schwarzenegger when it emerged that the radio and television personality had stolen a gold chain from her US based boyfriend.

Many hurled insults at him saying he should have invested the money spent on the Rolex watch, diamond earrings and gold chain into his music career.

But the singer holds a different view and is not perturbed by the criticisms from Ghanaians.

“There is one thing I have come to realise in this music is, is not about the money you put into it. I don’t even know the money I’ve put into this music [Deepest Regret] since 2017. When I was told the song is a potential hit. I stopped everything I was doing and pumped money into it” Qwaachi told Jay Foley on Daybreak Hitz

According to him, he spent millions of money on his ‘Deepest Regret’ song but it never gained the attention needed.

He added that he paid Ghs3500 to 4Stye TV to promote the song but it still performed poorly on the market.

“The tours, the promos, I eventually….At that time, I don’t know how much 4stye TV is taking now but 2017 I was on 4syte for seven (7) good months and they took Ghs5000 [per month]. I didn’t know the promotion I didn’t do for this song”.he said

He stressed that the amount of money you spend on a song does not guarantee a hit song.

“I’ve come to realize when the timing is right everything is right. In this world everything that we do has to do with timing when the timing is right, believe you me. You don’t need money. People will come from different angles that you don’t even know them and believe you me they will promote you. Is not about money. I don’t believe in that I believe in relationship. How much can you buy somebody? Even you Jay Foley, how much can I pay you? I’ve known you for years. How many artistes….yiuve raised a lot of artistes. You’ve presented a lot of shows. You’ve hosted a lost of events. Come on ! how much money can I pay you” he quizzed

Qwaachi concluded that building a strong relationship with people is what matters in the Ghanaian music industry.

“…you see let me tell you a new dog cannot teach an old dog how to grow up. I can’t come and show you money” he indicated

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