A lady has caused confusion on Twitter after revealing something about the kind of guys they have to deal with in a relationship.

According to the pretty lady identified as @missmwenya on Twitter, when a man is always nice and treats his lady with respect, the relationship tends to become uninteresting.

She, therefore, counseled other women to stay away from men who tend to be overly nice because they don’t inject much vivacity into a relationship.

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She however deleted the post when she was subjected to intense criticisms.

See reactions her post generated before she deleted it.

@Philanelf said; its all fun and games until you hit the wall, and then you blame men for your terrible choices.

@SJP_theCule; Lol, the not boring ones are the reason y’all be saying men are trash though

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@Dinks_A; I think the trick is in striking a good balance between pure and toxic

@singived10; u cheat, they say he cheats, u don’t they say he is boring i pity u lovers. u have a lot of work to do.

@MuJayMwila; Hmmm how would you tell that this guy has pure intentions?

@MukishaMajid; You people enjoy crying?

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@StephenMiyoba; Pain makes us feel alive

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