Stonebwoy Reveals The Political Party He Will Vote For In December 7
Ghanaian artiste Stonebwoy

Some Ghanaian celebrities have published exhibited their political affiliations with some musicians composing campaign songs for some political parties ahead of the December polls.

Stonebwoy who happens to be one of the few celebrities who are yet to reveal their political affiliation has finally given a clue of who he will vote for come December 7.

According to the ‘Bawasaba’ hitmaker, he supports ‘Ghana Party’.

When quizzed by George Quaye the host of Joy FM’s Showbiz A-Z which political party he supports, Stonebwoy said: “Me, I support Ghana party”. 

He further revealed that he will vote for any political party who he thinks deserves his vote on December 7.

Stonebwoy who was reluctant to reveal his political party explained that he is refusing to reveal his political affiliation because of his music career.

“Whichever political party that wins am okay but I tell you what I represent Ghana. Guess what? If I wasn’t a musician I would answer this but me being a musician and God blessing you with this task you have to know what role you play just like the politician knows what role they play so me as a musician am available to serve or be used by any political party or whichever government but for the right thing and for the right time.” Stonebwoy disclosed.”

Stonebwoy reacting to his former boss Samini endorsing the ruling New Patriotic Party(NDC) said that he cannot judge Samini for endorsing a political party.

” I cannot judge somebody on his own understanding and we all saw the video that Samini did in 2016 which has come back to be a controversial one. I think people should give him the opportunity to express himself better to tell us why he has endorsed and I think he did that in the song already for the things that party in government has been able to do and he is throwing his support behind the party.” Stonebwoy asserted.

“But for me, my thing is that I believe in there is money to be made, however, wherever but I as a musician being tasked like this as a Unifier I will love to remain a unifier and leave the politicians to play their politics. If I go to vote I know where I will put my vote but I will not with the position am in now “ He added.

Stonebwoy indicated that Politicians should not only use celebrities during only elections time but they can be used within their tenure of government.