Actress Lydia Forson has advised men on chasing ladies they cannot afford or take care of.

In her advice to men, the actress said that men must learn to cut their coats according to their sizes and avoid going after women they cannot afford.

According to her, nothing compels a man to go after ladies they cannot afford instead of going for ladies they can afford. She also asked ladies to stop worrying men they know can’t take care of them.


In a series of tweets, Lydia Forson said;

“Everyday” girls like money girls like money”, but Adjoa is there, she doesn’t want a Range Rover and is ok with the little you have but naaaa you must go for Esi that wants things you can’t provide.”

“People, Let’s all cut our coat according to our sizes.

If you can’t afford it don’t go after girls who’re clearly about the money- it’s not by force.

And ladies stop worrying men you know can’t take care of you the way you want.

Make we all dey our lane..”

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