You are stupid and I’ll slap you! – A Plus loses his cool and threatens halifax


Debates, which have no tendency to get messy have seen A Plus losing his cool on United Showbiz on UTV and I must say it was a sight to see.

A Plus and Halifax of Okay FM passed through the entertainment show as pundits sat on each other’s neck over FixTheCountry demonstration.


Kwame A Plus seemed not to agree with the demonstration which he called jogging because he was of the view that it brings no change. When Shatta Wale’s right-hand man Bulldog tried to interject, he told him to shut up because he did not go for the demonstration.

It didn’t end there. Halifax on asking him further about the demonstration had A-Plus calling him “hey” which Halifax did not like and told him he is not “hey”. A-Plus then asked him who he is and he said he was human just like him.

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The tension kept building and Halifax asked him why he doesn’t want to go and “jog” but his followers should. Infuriated A-Plus told him he shouldn’t be stupid. He still emphasized the fact that Halifax is stupid and also a hypocrite since he also didn’t go for the demonstration.

A-Plus who got extremely angry at this point stood up and pointed fingers at Halifax while pouring disrespectful words towards him. He kept on calling him stupid and foolish and Halifax managed to keep his cool.

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Seeing that he wasn’t getting any reaction, A-Plus further told him he doesn’t respect himself and he is loved in Ghana way more than Halifax who is a nobody. Halifax condemned his attitude and asked if this is an attitude a wannabe leader should possess. A-Plus then threatened to slap him and said he will beat him if he were president. He finished it off by insulting Halifax’s mother and this was the height of the misunderstanding.

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Certain reactions may not be necessary and tell clearly when one is being defensive over something they are insecure about. A-Plus should have done better but hey, it’s A-Plus.

Watch the video below;

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