“The Bible is Fake” – Upcoming Musician Shockingly Reveals (+Video)


Abi Monage, a fast-rising female musician has made shocking revelations about the Bible claims that the Bible is fake.

In a recent interview with Zionfelix on the ‘Uncut’ show, the up and coming musician emphatically stated that she doesn’t believe in Jesus Christ, the originator of the Christian religion.

However, she indicated that she believes in the existence of God as the creator but not the Bible or Jesus and also revealed that she hasn’t been to church in over a year but she insists her benevolence surpasses that of acclaimed Christians.

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Abi Monage hasn’t been to church in over a year but she insists her benevolence surpasses that of acclaimed Christians.

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Additionally, she bemoaned that the fact that the Bible was written by mortals is enough for her to have doubts about its originality.

“People should live with common sense, you should know what to do and what not to do without necessarily looking inside the bible,” she told Zionfekix.

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Watch the full interview below;


  1. All about her life might also be fake.He whom do not believe in me do not believe in my father.Do not be deceived tell yourself the truth and choose whom which you and your family will serve.Who is the beloved son ?that thee who believed in him shall not peris..john 3:16.

  2. Comment: mercy 🙏😭 indeed God has given the free will to believe or not believe, but on the day of judgment you’ll understand. I pray for salvation for her in Jesus name 🙏

    • This lady knows nothing about the the Bible and Jesus Christ .. She’s ignorant about the Bible…She doesn’t know what she is saying.

  3. Hmmmmm!
    I just laughed after watching the interview ZionFelix did with her. Indeed, God has given the right to each and every one but she should be reminded that, She sleeps without knowing what happened during the nights and wakes up also not knowing what went on and just imagine how she used to get the lyrics to form as Music.
    In all, the Bible is the manual for human being and she should bear in mind..


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