Christians all around the world hope to one day join Jesus in Heaven as the holy book of the Christians say but Agbeshie thinks differently.

According to the rapper, there’s no God and Jesus Christ, and what many believe to be the holy book[Bible] is a storybook.

He made this revelation while speaking in an interview with Zionfelix.

“I don’t believe in Jesus Christ, the Bible is just a storybook,” he told Zionfelix.


When asked what guides him in life, he noted that he’s guided by common sense.

Watch the interview below:

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  1. Somebody should remind this stupid fool that those who threaded the path he is threading now ended miserably and irredeemable. Somebody should remind Agbeshie of singer and wrapper kwaadee how he ended up a permanent lunatic and drug addict .He despised God, said foul things about God from a stinking foul mouth. His career is over now and no longer relevant to family and society. Agbeshie is certainly headed towards the same fate if he doesn’t repent.

  2. God have Mercy on this Young Man.
    I warn you as a Brother not to speak as Such.
    Were you there when the Foundations of this earth was made?
    You should even know that, the earth upon which you’re treading on is older than you.


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