“The Church Doesn’t Owe You Hand Sanitizers”-Pastor Brian Amoateng


Ghanaians Christians are being abandoned in this moment of crisis and told not to expect anything from the church after years of faithfully giving to the church.

According to a video sighted online, a couple of Ghanaian pastors, Pastor Brian Amoateng with a colleague is informing Christians not to expect anything from even hand sanitizers which currently needed to protect one from contracting the deadly virus.

According to the pastors in the video, all the money given to the Church goes to God, not the pastors.

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So at this moment of crisis, God has spent all the money and has nothing to help his children.

Pastor Amoateng also said that if Christians need anything such as hand sanitizers and food, they should turn to the government for those needs, not pastors.

Watch the video below:

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