The Industry Is Full Of Hate And Jealousy- Yvonne Nelson Blasts Colleague Actors

Ghanaian actress and movie producer, Yvonne Nelson has expressed her displeasure at colleague actors and industry players for not pushing her projects particularly her ‘Fix Us’ movie which was recently premiered on the most-watched streaming platform, Netflix.

‘Fix Us’ was premiered on Netflix on 2nd August 2020 and is already garnering buzz on social media as Ghanaians have heaped praises on Yvonne Nelson for coming out with such a masterpiece that will foster the revival of the ‘ailing’ Ghana movie industry.

However, Yvonne Nelson is bitter because her colleague actors and industry players refused to push her good works or support her.

Yvonne Nelson stated emphatically that the Ghana movie industry is full of hate and jealousy.

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In a series of tweets, Yvonne Nelson threw shots at her colleague actors suggesting that some industry players are not happy her newly premiered movie on Netflix ‘Fix Us’ is breaking boundaries.

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Read Yvonne Nelson’s ‘rants’ below:

“Ghanaian entertainment industry = you’d have to actually tell peeps in the industry to push your work…..they see it and ignore! Im THANKFUL the fans BELIEVE in me! Afterall i do this for the FANS”



“An INDUSTRY full of HATE & JEALOUSY Learn to love one another and see how God will BLESS you!”


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woke up this morning just thinking…… I DONT GET WHY INDUSTRY PEOPLE HATE EACH OTHER SO MUCH!!!! Like can you be happy when someone wins? And such wins are actually for GHImagine being a blackstar player and hating when another player scores for GH!

Could this be the reason the movie industry is collapsing or Yvonne Nelson is just ranting just to push her movie?

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