The Name Akuapem Is Bigger Than You – Nana Yirenkyi To Rosemond Brown


Apesemakahene of Mampong Akwapim, Nana Yirenkyi I has reacted to Akuapem Poloo recent nude photo with her son that went viral on social media.

According to him, the name Akuapem will soon be taken away for Rosemond Brown for it is bigger than her.

Nana Yirenkye speaking with journalists on the recent nude photo shared by Akuapem Poloo to mark her son’s birthday, he revealed that last year she did similar thing and came to apologized.

“But from what she has done now, I think she is not a changed person,” he said.

Nana Yirenkye added he will called on the five divisional chiefs and later the New Okuapemanhene to deal with Rosemond Brown and banned her from using the name.

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“She is not from here, and so she cannot be using the name, ” he said.

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