• You are a seed planted on this earth to germinate, grow and become a tree that bears fruit to bless humanity. Selah

• For you to get adequate moisture, good soil and nutrients to grow, you need to locate yourself at the right environment.

• An eagle will always move with its kind simply because it does not want to lose focus in its moment of soaring.

• Similarly, for you to mount on the shoulders of giants, you need to move with like minded individuals who will shape, mold and straighten you to reach your goals and operate in your God given purpose.

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• An eagle does not take advice from a pigeon. No it doesn’t happen. What form of advice will the eagle gain from the pigeon??

• If you know where you are going, obviously you will have a fair idea of the routes and directions that will take you there.

• The right environment is very needful to help you achieve your purpose and bring out the best in you.

• Who is that friend that brings out the best in you?
Who is that brother or sister that helps you to unleash that great potential you have in built.?
Locate those people. Tie your cloth to theirs and move with them. Never leave them behind because you need them highly to get to that desired destination of yours.

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Kofi Peprah Eric