Growing up in Ghanaian traditional homes, there were a lot of ridiculous things we heard which we began to understand as societies began adopting education.

Our parents, older siblings, aunties and uncles fed us with all sorts of things and we also believed them because, who knows, maybe they were true. You try them at your own peril.

Some of the most common myths we were made to believe is not singing while bathing, not sweeping at night, do not hit a child with a broom, also do not hit a male with a broom. They were a lot but we believed and practised them with the fear of the outcome of disobeying.

The most popular and if I will say the most dangerous among all the myths were leaving water in a mortar and washing your face with it.

We were told that when one leave water in a mortar overnight and washes his or her face with it, the person will see a ghost immediately he or she looks in between his legs

Well, up to date we do not know who had the guts to try this. Only in Kumawood movies do they try and confirm but in reality, it seems everyone was afraid because it looked real.

Apart from its spiritual implications, one logic behind this is probably the fact that it is unhygienic to wash your face with water left in the mortar that probably even had bits of three days old fufu stuck in it.

It could contain germs that can cause some infections.