Fella Makafui’s throwback photo is a ‘speechless’ motivation and it has caused a stir on social media.

Fella Makafui shared a throwback photo of herself where she rocked a bikini and showed off her curves on social media.

In the 2016 throwback photo, Fella Makafui looked lightweight compared to her current physical looks but she still had a huge backside which clearly depicts that she is naturally endowed.

The picture seems to be the picture she took in her ‘YOLO’ days when she was gradually cementing her place in the entertainment industry.

Well, comparing her current physical looks to her 2016 photo, there has been a massive improvement in her looks now as she has grown a bit thick with more dangerous curves.

Fella Makafui shared the photo with an inscription on the photo that reads:

“myself in 2016 i guess.. kk bye.my skinny self like”

See the photo below:

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Who is this celeb ?

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