Throwback Video Of When Bibi Bright Bragged That Her Husband Is The Most Faithful Man On Earth Pops Up Amid Divorce Rumours

Bibi Bright Allegedly Catches Husband Chopping A Colleague Actress

“The Internet they say never forgets”-Such is the case of Bibi Bright’s marriage brouhaha as a throwback video of the actress eulogizing her husband has emerged on the internet amid divorce rumours.

Ghanaians were shocked after news broke out that the 2-year-old marriage between Bibi Bright and husband Akwasi Boateng is on the verge of collapsing over cheating allegations.

Reports indicated that the celebrity couple have not been in good terms for some time now due to cheating allegations on the part of the husband, Akwasi Boateng.

Reports further detailed that Akwasi Boateng was cheating on Bibi Bright with an actress and due to that the executive secretary of the Creative Arts and Council is considering divorcing her husband.

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Amid the aforesaid marriage drama between the couple, a throwback video of when Bibi Bright was bragging that her husband was the only faithful man she has ever dated has popped up.

Bibi Bright in the video shaded her exes as she crowned Akwasi Boateng as the best she ever had.

She made this revelation during an interview with Mzgee on her wedding day.

Unfortunately, the video depicts a different story now as reports say Bibi Bright caught her husband she once eulogized as the most faithful man on earth cheating on her with a colleague actress.

See the throwback video for yourself below: 

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