Top 10 richest pastors in Africa 2021

Have you ever wondered why there are many small churches in every nook and cranny of Ghana and Africa as a whole?

Well, you may not have to wonder anymore. According to Forbes’ list of the top 10 richest pastors in Africa, the cumulative net worth of the top 10 richest pastors in Africa sum up to 1.260 Billion Dollars.

Yes! You read that right. 1 Billion, Two Hundred and Sixty Thousand Dollars for the top 10 richest pastors in Africa.

But just how is this amount distributed among these ten men of God?

Well, we’ll find out by the end of this article. Stick around and enjoy your reading.


1.Pastor Mathew Ashimolowo ($10 Million)

Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo 1
Pastor Mathew Ashimolowo

Nearly 3 decades after starting his ministry, Pastor Mathew Ashimolowo has an estimated net worth of 10 Million Dollars as per the latest rankings from Forbes.

Pastor Ashimolowo is a Nigerian pastor who was born on 17th March 1952 and has served the Lord for the past 30 years and over.

He is the founder and senior pastor of Kingsway International Christian Centre in London. His main African branch is based in Maryland – Lagos, Nigeria.

Pastor Ashimolowo has a total congregation of about 15,000 people and is considered one of the most powerful pastors in Africa.

He made the majority of his money from properties, Christian books and pamphlets as well as his businesses.

The seasoned Man Of God also owns the Mathew Ashimolowo media which is his personal media company. This company is responsible for its Winning Ways TV Show which is aired in several countries including Ghana, Nigeria and some European countries.


2.Pastor Ray Maccauley ($30 Million)

ps ray scaled 1
Pastor Ray Maccauley

Pastor Ray Maccauley is a renowned businessman and preacher aged 70.

Ray is a South African minister of the word of God and Senior Pastor of Rhema Bible Church.

He was previously a boxing champion and bodybuilder until he began his ministry in the 1970s.

The revered Man of God made his way to the top 10 richest pastors in Africa with his numerous properties and businesses. He also has a TV station; Rhema TV and has authored several Christian Literature.

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His church capacity stands at over 50,000 members and consists mainly of the elite and rich in the South African society. His branches are spread across Africa and other parts of the world.

Currently, his net worth is estimated at 30 Million Dollars.


3.Tshifhiwa Irene ($35 Million)

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Tshifhiwa Irene

Pegged at number 8 on our list of the top 10 richest pastors in Africa is Pastor Tshifhiwa Irene. She is the founding pastor and leader of the Divine Truth World Restoration Services For World Peace By Jesus Christ.

Pastor Irene is the only female pastor on this list and has done well to beat three men in this masculine-dominated industry.

She is a South African evangelist who started her ministry in 2001. Before that, she worked as an employee of the Standard Bank Of South Africa.

Her net worth is pegged at 35 million dollars.

4.Pastor Chris Oyakilome ($ 48 Million)

nigeria pastor featured scaled 1
Pastor Chris Oyakilome

 Pastor Chris is one of the most popular Pastors on the African continent. With over 150,000 members in his congregation, spread across Africa and Europe, Pastor Chris is a global force in the Ministry of God.

He is the founder and President of Loveworld International. His church is called Christ Embassy and he has ‘embassies’ in many countries across the world.

The renowned Man of God was born in December 1963 in Nigeria. His net worth is estimated to be around $ 48 Million.

The sources of his wealth include his TV station, Love World TV, his Monthly and seasonal Christian Literature and other big businesses.


5.Uerbert Angel ($ 56 Million)

UA271115 5.181 scaled 1
Uerbert Angel

Pastor Uerbert Angel is a Zimbabwean citizen who currently resides in the United Kingdom. He was born in Zimbabwe in the year 1979.

The young Minister of the word was called to Ministry in 2007 when he first opened his church, under the name ‘Spirit Embassy.

A few years later, he renamed the church to The Good News Church.

Pastor Uerbert is estimated to have a net worth of $ 56 Million, making him one of the top ten richest pastors in Africa.

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His wealth is mostly derived from his heavy investments in real estate, his cars, his properties and enterprises.


6.Pastor Enoch Adeboye ($ 69 Million)

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Pastor Enoch Adeboye

He is a 79-year-old Minister of God born in Nigeria. Pastor Enoch Adeboye is also the  General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God.

The gifted preacher was called to ministry in 1977 as a pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church of God. Four years down the line, he became the General overseer – a position he holds to date.

His net worth is estimated at $69 Million which he acquired through his numerous properties and investments, the Redeemers University and Dove TV.


7.Bishop Ayo OtiseJafor ($110 Million)

The Story Of Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor 1
Bishop Ayo OtiseJafor

 The spirit-filled man of God is a global icon in Christendom. Bishop Ayo Otisejafor knows Popularly as Papa Ayo is a revered man of God with over 4 decades of experience in preaching the word of God.

He’s a Nigeria-based preacher who leads World of Life Bible Church. He was also the 5th president of the Christian Association of Nigeria between the years 2010 and 2016.

In 1979, he began his ministry as a preacher. He has an estimated net worth of $ 110 Million. The sources of his wealth include his Satelite TV, the African Broadcasting Network (ABN), his numerous Christian books and honoraria from hosts.

He has travelled to over 100 countries across the world and has preached in every single continent in the world.


8.Prophet Shepherd Bushiri ($ 148 Million)

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Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

Prophet Bushiri is a renowned Malawian preacher who founded the Enlightened Christian Gathering. His church is a Non-denominational gathering of Christians which is appealing to Christians across the world.

He is 37 years old and resides in South Africa.

Prophet Bushiri is also a business magnate who has a series of businesses listed under his investment firm; the Shepherd Bushiri Investments.

He deals in real estate, airline, mining and many other businesses.

His net worth is currently estimated at $ 148 million, making him the third richest pastor in Africa.

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9.Bishop David Oyedepo ($ 149 Million)

bishop david oyedepo
Bishop David Oyedepo

Bishop David Oyedepo is a Nigerian Preacher with over 3 decades of experience in the ministry of God. After receiving a call to ministry in 1981, Bishop Oyedepo formed his church, named ‘Living Faith Church Worldwide.

His church is also known as Winners International Chapel. He has many branches spread across Nigeria, Ghana and many other African and European countries.

Bishop Oyedepo is a renowned scholar with a PhD in Human Development from Honolulu University.

His net worth is currently estimated at $ 149 Million. The sources of his health are mostly linked to his two universities; Covenant University and Landmark University.

He also has 4 private jets, a plethora of cars and properties spread across Nigeria and outside Nigeria.

The Bishop also has over 70 books to his credit.


10.Alph Lukau  ($ 600 Million)

unnamed 3
Alph Lukau

Finally, the topmost person on our list of the top 10 richest pastors in Africa is Pastor Alph Lukau.

Pastor Alph is the General Overseer of the Alleluia Ministries International. He is a South African minister who has been in ministry since 2002.

Known for his miracles, Pastor Alph has built several branches of his church in South Africa, Zambia, Angola, other parts of Africa, Europe and America.

His congregation size is estimated at hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

His fortunes as a minister of God is estimated at $ 600 million, making him the richest pastor in Africa presently.

He is known for his flashy lifestyles including a wide range of very expensive cars and homes worth millions of dollars.

Apart from his ministry and exorbitant charges for public outings, not so much is known about Pastor Alph’s source of wealth.

However, he still stands tall as the richest pastor in Africa as things stand currently.


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