Tottenham and Ivory Coast defender, Serge Aurier, has paid an emotional tribute to his late brother, Christopher Aurier, who was murdered in oulouse, France early this month.

The 26-year-old Christopher, before his murder, played for French fifth-division side Toulouse Rodeo. Christopher’s death came in the aftermath of Tottenham’s 2-1 victory over Arsenal in the North London derby, but Aurier still featured in subsequent matches.

He was fatally shot in the early hours of Monday July 13 outside a nightclub in Toulouse and was pronounced dead upon arrival at a hospital.

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French police have since started investigations and the shooting suspect is in police custody. The suspect reportedly went to a police station on Tuesday July 14, and said he had been the gunman. According To report, an argument over a woman could have been behind the shooting.

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After Tottenham’s match with crystal Palace on Sunday, July 26 Aurier revealed in an Instagram post that he had been wearing a shirt emblazoned with his brother’s face and a tribute message underneath his Spurs kit.

Alongside the image, Aurier posted a verse from the Holy Quran.

“May Allah accept our prayers and accept you in His kingdom of paradise,” “I love you my little bro.

“I will miss you like mad,” he added. “We’ll take care of everything here, watch over us up there and rest in peace.”

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