Twitter User Roasts Efia Odo For Being Hypocrite

Efia Odo (image source: Instagram)

Actress and TV broadcaster Andrea Owusu who is known in showbiz circles as Efia Odo had her day ruined on Twitter after she tried educating Africans on why they should go back to their roots.

It is believed that Africans see people from the western world as demigods and always worship them.

This has made them (Africans) to unlearn their culture and have adopted that of the Whites .

But Efia Odo thinks it is so wrong for that to be happening therefore took to micro-blogging website Twitter to educate her fans and followers on the need for African’s to accept who they really are.

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She wrote “The White man came and told us that polygamy is bad, the same white said we should accept homosexuality.”

Her tweet attracted many praises from people who share the same views on the issue.

Suddenly, the praise singers made a u-turn and hurled insults at Efia following a second post she made

“Go back to your roots and stop listening to the white man way of life,” Efia Odo tweeted

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This infuriated the anger of a fan who expressed his dissapointed in her for not practising what she preaches.

He accused the Kwese TV presenter of being a lover of foreign goodies and couldn’t fathom why Efia Odo was speaking ill of them.

He, however, admonished her to stop patronizing foreign goods if she wants people to take her advice.

“Then can U start by stop wearing those fake wigs and foreign clothes Cos it’s not our way of life. Infact stop that ur LAFA trying to sound like the white man cos it’s not our way of speaking”.

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See the screenshot below:

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