Two Pastors Shamelessly Fight Over Preaching Spot In Kumasi Market


It was such an embarrassing moment in Kumasi Market when two Evangelists put their Bibles aside to engage in a brawl over a preaching spot.

According to reports, the two pastors are well-known preachers in Kumasi market and they normally preach to market women and passerbys.

The fight between the two evangelists all began when one of the pastors overtook the other to mount his equipment at the exact spot the other pastor preaches.

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The second pastor who was infuriated by the other pastor’s overtaking could not fathom why his fellow evangelist could steal his spot before he arrived.

The two pastors began to exchange words and hurled insults at each other which emanated into a fierce fight between them.

The two pastors fought and dragged their brawl to the centre of the market until they were separated by some men.

Watch the video below:

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