Mzbel has bitten more than she can chew - Ga Traditional priest Naaee Wulomei says

Mzbel has released her private message with the representative of the Ga Traditional court where she summoned Afia Schwarzenegger during their scuffle.

Social media recently witnessed a brutal banter between Afia Schwarzenegger and Mzbel which eventually pushed Mzbel to present the issue before the Ga Traditional court to call Afia to order.

However, Mzbel on UTV stressed that after paying ¢2,000 to the court to settle the issue, she has seen no changes because her rival keeps jabbing and trolling her social media.

Few days after her assertion on UTV, Nae-we Wulormor who is the person Mzbel seems to have paid the money to indicated on Hitz FM that Mzbel intended to kill Afia Schwarzenegger via a curse but he aborted the idea.

In the build-up to this, Mzbel who still looks unsatisfied has dropped shots of her chat with Nae-we Wulormor which indicates that she truly took Afia Schwarzenegger to the court to be brought to order and not the way Nae-we alleged a few days ago.

Reads the chats below;

IMG 20210124 WA0055 IMG 20210124 WA0057 IMG 20210124 WA0056 1 IMG 20210124 WA0054 IMG 20210124 WA0053


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