A shocking video privy to browngh.com shows the moment white couple were caught on live zoom meeting chopping themselves.

According to the video, it is as if they weren’t aware the camera was on as they made love in doggy style like nobody’s business.

A local newspaper, Metropoles who reported the story said the committee meeting was held purposely for the discussion of how to guarantee food for students in the municipal system during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the cause of the meeting, the councillors noticed the video but decided to overlook and continue with the discussion.

In a statement, Brizola said the episode was an “involuntary indiscretion” and regretted that the actual topic of the meeting was not being highlighted in media reports.

Below is what Brizola said;

“As soon as we noticed what was happening, we immediately asked the people to control the audio and video of the participants to take it off the feed.

Us councilors and other participants do not have any input in controlling or editing videos on Zoom”

Watch the video below