(Video) Don’t Come To Church With Your Phones And IPad To Read Bible-Pastor To Christians


Browngh.com has sighted a video where Apostle Suleiman admonished Christians not to go to Church with their phones,iPad or any smart devices to read the Bible from them.

“Do not bring your iPhone, Ipad, any device toChurch to read your Bible from it, “ he said

According to him, they can do that in their homes, offices or somewhere else but not in Church.

“You can do that in your office, you can do that anywhere, but to read your Bible from your phone when you are in church,it doesn’t show reverence to God” Pastor Suleiman disclosed.

The Clergyman enjoined the congregation to desist from such act as it doesn’t show reference to God.

We live in the 21st century where not only congregants read the Bible from their phones or smart devices, even Pastors use Smartphones or Tablest to preach or read the Bible from them.

However, Apostle Suleiman’s statement could be an advice to Pastors as well and not only congregants.

“John 5:39 says search the scripture, it didn’t say punch the scripture..” Apostle Suleiman added

Watch the Video below: 




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