(Video) Lady Goes Mad Immediately She Dropped Off A Benz Car


A young lady on Monday lost her insanity after she was dropped off by an unknown driver in a Benz car in Warri in the Delta State of Nigeria.

The unidentified lady couldn’t talk or identify herself after being dropped off and it has however sparked rumors that she might have been used for money rituals.

According to reports,the incident was notified by a roadside sweeper who saw her immediately she was being dropped off by the unknown Benz driver.

The beautiful lady was tongued tied and appeared shocked and couldn’t utter a word.

Residents gathered in their numbers and surrounded her in order to urge her to talk.

In a video sighted by BrownGH.com, it looks like the lady had lost her memory as she sat mute in public without uttering a word.

Efforts to locate the family or friends of the lady have proved futile as she has not been able to utter a word.

Watch the video below:

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