(Video) Monkey forces toddler to play with it after kidnapping him


BrownGH.com has sighted a video where a monkey kidnapped and held a 2-year-old boy to ransom so it could play with the toddler and refused to give the boy back to his family.

The incident which happened in India, the monkey was seen in the video playing with the boy by the roadside.

A woman sees the baby and approached to save the baby but the monkey refused to let the child go as it hugs the baby repeatedly.

” From where did you get the baby, Let me take it home.” the woman was heard saying in the video.

The woman who saw her all attempts to retrieve the child were not working; decided to try other alternatives.

The baby is reported to have been taken from a house in Haryana, India.

There have been other incidents of babies being stolen by monkeys in India.

CLICK HERE to Watch Video.



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