The pain of being a hungry nursing mother can force a woman to do so many disgraceful things.

A video circulating online shows a nursing mother with her baby at her back while being bang from her behind on broadway just for the money I guess.

Per the video circulating, the two adults in the disgraceful act were not aware of being recorded so they were just fully concentrated on the job with the baby dangling on the woman’s back.

Sadly, we can’t post the video here. Kindly join our TELEGRAM GROUP TO SEE MORE VIDEOS.



  1. I think it’s a hungry nursing mother with a disgraceful and heartless man. I never thought some men can do such wickedness to a mother in such situation.

    Evil men do leaves after them.

  2. This Lady could be married but as lustful as some women are, they go outside their marriage to do the unthinkable with their former sweethearts


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