VIDEO: Yaa Jackson Embarrasses Herself On Live Radio


Teenage actress and singer, Yaa Jackson has caused a frenzy on social media when she embarrassed herself on a live radio interview.

Yaa Jackson has been on the headlines for the wrong reasons and this happens to be one of the controversies.

Yaa Jackson has shocked Ghanaians as she has exhibited her ignorance about the course she studies in the Senior High School(SHS)

In an interview on Accra-based radio station, Peace FM Yaa Jackson was quizzed what course she is offering in SHS but the actress shamefully replied by saying ” CRS” which happens to be a subject or an elective of a course in SHS.

Yaa Jackson kept stressing that CRS was the course she was offering in SHS until she was prompted by one of her team members that she had made a mistake and the CRS is part of her course.

She later said she was offering General Arts but the harm was already caused.

The flimsy excuse she gave for her earlier wrong answer was because she was!

However, She was further quizzed the meaning of ‘CRS’ (Christian Religious Studies) but she showed to the world that she is a blockhead and that she couldn’t even answer if a gun was pointed to her throat.

She answered by saying “Christian Religious Service’ instead of ‘Christian Religious Studies’.

Her interview has however amassed several reactions on social media with many mocking the singer for being a blockheaded girl and advised her to stop school because she is just passing through.

Recall that Yaa Jackson hinted of dropping out of school in pursuit of her music career.

“When I realize the music is doing well, I will drop out of school and pursue that because when you complete school you may still need to look for a job and be paid monthly”, she disclosed in an interview monitored.

Watch the Video below: 


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