(Video)TV Stations Should Stop Charging Musicians For Showing Their Videos- Iona

Highlife/Afro Pop singer,Iona

Ghanaian highlife and afro-pop crooner Iona has lamented about the bad state of the Ghana music industry in a recent interview stating that TV Stations should stop charging artists for showing their music videos on their respective platforms.

According to the ‘penetrate’ hitmaker systems in the Ghana music industry are not working right as it should.

Iona lamented on how the works of artists are streamed or enjoyed for free with no policies in the country restricting.

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She also opined that it is wrong for TV Stations to charge artistes for airing their music videos because they are rather providing the media houses with content.

“There are lots of issues in the music industry. Systems are not working right. Like outside the country,I know for a fact that you can not stream people’s music for free. It doesn’t make sense. Musicians pay producers, shoot videos and other stuffs. When the artist wants the content to be aired on Tv,the person has to now pay the TV station which makes no sense because the TV stations need content so if am bringing you content,why should I pay you?…There should be no payment because it’s a 50/50 affair here” Iona told First Lady of BrownGH TV.

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She also complained bitterly of how music websites charge artistes before they upload their content on their platforms to be streamed or downloaded for free.

Watch the video below:

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