Veteran movie director,filmmaker and Director for Creative Arts at the National Commission on Culture (NCC),Socrate Sfo has expressed his frustration at the ruling New Patriotic Party(NPP).

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Speaking during a discussion on Okay FM’s Best Entertainment Show,Socrate Safo asserted that some NPP sympathizers like himself are fed up of defending the party on radio with empty stomach for 4 years and going home to beg friends for food.

“If somebody is listening they should tell the president that someo of us are getting tired.The fustration is too much.We have been quiet for too long and it looks like some people feel being quite means you are stupid.No! Being quiet is giving people time to reform.We voted for the party.The president is dong whatever he can do but there are people who don’t understand why they are even in office.There are people who don’t value or understand whatever they have been assigned to do.Somebody should tell the president that something is wrong.We are tired. We can’t come and sit here on empty stomach for 4 years,we finish and we go and beg friends for food.” He disclosed.

He further indicated that should NPP lose Elections 2020,they should blame it on lack of information.

“Sometimes getting information to come and sit on radio is a problem.We struggle to get information.If this party should go into opposition,they should blame it on information.Looking at the things the party and the president has done and communicating it is even a challenge for communication team because for you to get the information is nil and when they are taking some of these decisions you are not even are not even invited to know what is going on” Socrate Safo disclosed.

Watch the Video below: