We don't date sugar mummies but we don't spare then if they bring themselves - Gym instructor
Gym Instructor

Born Felix Mettle, a Ghanaian gym instructor has cleared the air that gym instructors are not mostly into sugar mummies but they utilize any given opportunity.

It is the mindest of the public that gym instructors are lazy and so they only stay with women who have already seen it all in life to better lives.

However, Felix has quashed that perception of the general public, saying not all gym instructors are the same.

According to him in chit-chat with browngh.com, only rich people pay to visit the gym and the ladies, especially when given special treatment become addicted.

He revealed that some ladies just call them to have a word with them especially when they are having issues with their husbands, adding that when such happens, they give their best to those women and in the end, they get attracted to them.

He cleared the air that gym instructors do not forcefully take what does not rightfully belong to them.

On the side of the sugar mommies, Felix said one thing they hardly do is to get engaged with sugar mummies but if the opportunity presents itself, they utilize it well.

Watch the video below:


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