A man shared his encounter he had with a friend who he didn’t know was died a month ago to discussed business.

He wrote:

I saw a companion who I never realized he is Dead.

On seventeenth February 2020 I met somebody who I knew in Vietnam (tho we are not very dear companions however we are companions), he held me from behind oga Buchi, at that point I turned and yelled “Willy” what are you doing here were are you originating from, he said he is originating from Portharcourt that he is going to Awka. This is going on in Upper Iweka Onitsha before Ifeanyichukwu Motors.

He brought out gold from his pocket, and instructed me to purchase or help him to sell it. He revealed to me he set aside cash with it to finish his mom’s home before raining season and they have different costs in the town to do soon, he disclosed to me he got it 4000 Dollars. I disclosed to him that am heading to the major market, we should go together, however, he demand I should take the gold that he trust me. So my companion who is with me said I should take it.

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I guided him to take my number so he will call me, by then I will disclose to him the amount they are evaluating it. He said he will get his telephone in the event that he finds a workable pace. He don’t have the foggiest idea about his number off-head. I went to a close by shop and get pen and wrote my number for him. He left in rush.

Later in the day he did not call me, (even till now). I was so stressed my companions let me know might be he took it or somebody needs to set me up with it, I was so terrified I reached another companion who is in Vietnam and I realized that he is somewhat nearer to him, we visit he at that point let me know Willy died on eleventh January (our talk is beneath). I can not trust it, he helped me to get his kin’s telephone number. Until on eighteenth I talked with his mother (tho she was just yelling saying… Uchechi who do you leave me for).

I had the option to talk with his aunt who is a Reverend Sister. She disclosed to me, my Son God will favor you. What is the Value of what he gave me. I said 1,440,000 Naira. She cried as she said again My child you will never be in need.

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She began revealing to me that Uchechi (they call him) is the only child, he returned on November, he will get married on fifteenth January. They murdered him since he returned with Lexus. His mom is an elementary school teacher who figure out how to fabricate the house to linter level, and train her 2 little girls.

She disclosed to me that his vehicle tumbled more than multiple times (as they were told) and he died at the spot on his way from their Village to Porthacourt. She revealed to me that he (the dead son) has gone to dream to advise his mom’s cousin to tell his mother that they should not bury him in their dad’s family house, that there is the place they made arrangements for his death. He likewise mentioned one of his uncle and said he is the individual that put him in this current situation he is.

However, his poor mother don’t have cash to rooftop and accomplish some completing work in that building. It continued making them restless night untill I called them to educate them concerning this. Which they did not accept till yesterday 20/2/20 I met with 5 Members of his moms family, I attempted to search for purchasers who will make it greater in esteem.

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On nineteenth Someone associated me to one Mrs Uju Turkey…… She is making a trip to Turkey for business soon she purchased the gold at the expense of 1.450,000 Naira, we went to bank in Head Bridge yesterday evening and she send the cash to his moms account number no other individual as I directed base on what Willy said to me at Upper Iweka.

Tho they gave me a portion of his photos both the ones he took during his optional and his OND days. I was completely persuaded that she is his mom.

They told he will be buried on March been one month from now.

My people this world is loaded with Misery…… Uwa di imirimious…

– Ifeanyi Uchemaurice

Below is my chat with my friend at Vietnam who told me he had died:


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