The founder and president of LoveWorld Incorporated aka Chris Embassy, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has blasted African leaders for being visionless and over depending on the Whites for money when they have the resources.

According to the Nigerian Clergyman, the solution for Africa is to have leaders with brains who can control the affairs of their country without depending on any foreign country for aid.

Speaking during a sermon, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome asserted that most African leaders don’t think about their citizens and are visionless.

He blasted African countries who call for help from other countries adding that Africa needs leaders with brains and vision to change the narrative.

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“Look at the brain drain. They take the best of Africa, Take them to Europe, take them away to America and now to Asia, China and you don’t care. What kind of leadership does not think of the future. What kind of leadership does that have no vision for the future? We need leaders in Africa that can think. Leaders that have the brains, that have the mind, that have a vision. Any African country calling for help from another country then the leaderships is a shame. You have more than enough resources to cater for your country. Why are you borrowing money from nations who don’t have money? They are giving you money they took from Africa. Wake up!” Pastor Chris Oyakhilome disclosed.

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Do you agree with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome?

Watch the video below: