Wearing mini skirt and high heel are not part of Christianity — Rev Obofour

Wearing mini skirt and high heel is not part of Christianity — Rev Obofour
Rev Obofour

Rev Obofour of Anointed Palace Chapel has said that wearing short dresses or dressing improperly shouldn’t dictate to others how one worships the creator.

According to the stylish man of God who was rebuking Christians who claim they are living Christlike life yet have a bitter attitude, the physical appearance of a man shouldn’t trigger others to judge him because everything under the sun is done for a purpose.

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He explained that some people are short and when they dress to cover their body, they wouldn’t be seen in public and so people like this prefer exposing their body but that doesn’t mean they are not good Christians.

Citing examples, Rev Obofour said if her wife wears a mini skirt in the house to entice him, that doesn’t mean they are not devoted Christians because when he closes from church and gets to the house, he is not a pastor but a husband and father.

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Obofour continued that physical looks shouldn’t be the subject matter but the character.

According to him, most Ghanaians have stopped churching because of the bitter attitude their pastor or church elders portrayed in their presence.


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