Wendy Shay’s mother reacts to people calling her daughter a drug addict – Video 
Wendy Shay - Mother

Mother of Ghanaian renowned musical artist Wendy Shay has angrily reacted to social media users alleging that her daughter is a drug addict.

The iron lady, who is unhappy about the bad image painted on her daughter in recent times said Wendy’s current transformation is part of a bigger purpose and only God knows the purpose she’s talking about.

Wendy Shay has completely changed her looks from a good but naughty girl to a thug and nymph looking, lady.

Her fans and music lovers have complained bitterly about her many piercings and teeth brace and choice of fashion but the singer has given a blind eye to comments.

Her mother said Wendy does not even take hard liquor and her upbringing will not allow her to even think of trying drugs.



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