Despite the fact that people have various reasons why they shave their pubic hair, this article will reveal the top three reasons why we have pubic hair in the first place and why as a lady, you need to grow yours.

Check them out below:

1. Reduces Friction.

It will interest you to know that growing your pubic hair helps in preventing skin abrasion and injury, especially during intercourse when the friction is at its highest.

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Another reason why you need to grow your pubic hair is that it acts as a barrier between your delicate skin and your clothing.

2. Keeps Out Bacteria.

Everyone knows that pubic hair is a champion for trapping dirt and unwanted particles from falling in and around the opening of the genitalia. When as a lady you shave your pubic hair, the occasional open pores and tiny cuts make us more susceptible to bacterial infiltration.

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3. Traps Pheromones.

It is theorized that the ripeness that is captured in our pubic hair is our literal mating call.

It will interest you to know that there are glands known as the apocrine sweat glands which are concentrated in our armpit and genitals, they are usually stimulated during high emotional duress like foreplay or anxiety and that’s where the pheromones come from.

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The glands are also an essential part of the thermoregulation of our bodies. Since the hair in your genital is this important, why would you want to stunt your potential with unnecessary grooming or trimming?

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