Nigerian man living abroad was caught on camera instructing his “herbalist” to cause a woman and her children to run mad.

In a video that has gone viral, the man who was speaking Yoruba language and walking on the streets in a foreign country didn’t know someone who understands his language was walking closely. The person filmed him while speaking and shared the video online.

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He could be heard telling the herbalist that the work he did for him before wasn’t effective and that he spent a lot of money.

“The wife and the child don’t want us to sell the house.

The first one you did for me didn’t work and I spent so much money on that.

I want you to help me to do it that the wife will sell the building.

What I want now is that I want the wife and the child to run mad. I want the wife not to know what she is doing” he said


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Watch the video below



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