Woman Beats Husband To Death For Denying Her S*x


The unusual incident happened in South Africa, where a woman has battered her husband 38, to death for denying her s*x.

Florence Ncube 43 appeared before the court facing a charge of murder. She was not asked to plead and remanded in police custody.

The magistrate also ordered the woman to undergo a mental examination.

The two had just returned from a pub where they went to drink and upon arrival the woman asked for s*x which the husband denied saying he was drunk.

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Their misunderstanding turned into a fight that resulted to the death of the husband.

The landlord to the victim heard noise from the fighting couple and called the police.

When the police came to the scene they took them both to the station for counselling.

Reports state that the deceased had difficulties in breathing, and was seen by the landlord who then went to report the matter at police station.

The following morning, the accused person was also seen by the landlord washing the now deceased with a towel, cleaning blood mixed with froth which was oozing from the mouth and blood from the ears.

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The deceased person had difficulties in breathing and the landlord made a report at the police station.

The body of the deceased was taken to the hospital mortuary where a postmortem indicated that he had succumbed to a skull fracture, among other injuries.


Source: faceofmalawi

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