Woman in tears and shock after finding out her biological father is the reason she couldn’t get married


A confused and heartbroken 40-year-old woman is seeking advice after she discovered that her inability to get married was caused by her biological father.

Read her full post below:

“As I’m writing this am still in shock and heartbroken, the tears in my eyes have refused to stop flowing and right now I feel like killing my self. I didn’t know why any man that comes into my life and wants to marry me immediately disappear after meeting my father. I’m a 40 year old very beautiful, educated, very respectful and well to do .My mother died when I was five years and my father never married again so it was me and my father I thought he wanted me to grow to a certain age before he remarried but he never did.

I didn’t understand what was going on in my life so I told a friend of my about it and she took me to her pastor for prayers.

The pastor told me to come the next day but I could not because of work so my called to tell me that the pastor wants to see urgently. The next day after work I went to see the pastor and what he told me really got me laughing cuz what he was saying makes no sense to me. The pastor said my father was the reason am still single.  At first I thought he was one of those fake pastors but my told me to listen to him and do what he asks of  me. The pastor gave me some directions to do and pray for 5 days after and he said after that I see what will happen but I should tell my father or let him know about it.

I decided to stay at my friends place for that one week direction cuz my father never sleeps early and he is always at my space.

after I was done with the prayers I went home and saw my father on floor he couldn’t move or do anything so I called the pastor to come over and pray for and that was how my father confessed that he was actually the one preventing all the men that wanted to marry me. When I asked my father why he did that he said he sees my mum in me and he can’t have me then no man will also have me.

The pastor is asking that I should for give him but I can’t. How can my own father do this to me my God. Pls I need advice.”

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