Woman narrates how her husband sister’s came to her matrimonial house to send her packing at 4:30am after accusing her of cheating when she was pregnant

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A woman has taken to social media to narrate how her husband’s sisters came to her matrimonial home to send her packing at 4:30 am and her husband said and did nothing.

According to the woman, she was 16 weeks pregnant when her husband and his family accused her of cheating.

She said, her husband’s family swore not to accept her bustard(unborn child) until she swear with their family god.

Read the full post below:

Was in my 16th week when hubby denied paternity cos he knew I had been having my flow. He called for a family meeting and his people swore he will never accept my bustard until i swear to their family god. I refused even when they threatened me with a divorce for I knew I’m not an adulterous woman and my Doctor explained it termed spotting. My family where with me throughout and made sure I stood my ground.

His sisters were at our matrimonial home as early as 4:30am, woke me up from bed and started moving my things out together with the ashawo anthem. Hubby said nothing when one of them started pulling me by the hair, I asked him to put them to order but he replied with a slap in the eye. They successfully got me out.

With the help of a friend (nurse) and my family I had my son (now 5years). I filed for a divorce after attempts to accept my child proved futile. My friend connected me to a Doctor friend  who adores my son and I. We relocated to the Oklahomah  a 1year  ago after we had tied the knot. We have a daughter now. With my permission, he changed my son’s name. We came down to represent hubby at his uncle’s funeral due to his tight schedule.

I took Junior and her sister to see my parents and unfortunately met my ex.  He couldn’t process the resemblance between him and Junior so he approached us and made an attempt to talk to Junior  but I quickly grabbed my son and left. He’s now threatening to take my son from me. I’m ready for any battle but my family and my lovely hubby insists I forgive him and let him connect with my son. Help me pls. I don’t want my sone to hv anything to do with him. I plan poisoning my son’s mind to hate him so he will reject him. Help me, dear.

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