Wave Money Transfer In Ghana: How It Works, Limits, Charges For Sending To Ghana

Are you too much tired because of making queues in banks and have delayed time while sending money to Ghana? If yes, then Wave can help you to sort out remittance errands in only 30 seconds. This service work in Ghana since 2014 and provides the best offerings every time.


The Wave Money service is founded by Lincoln Quirk and Drew Durbin with an idea to send remitting funds to various countries. The main idea of their service is to offer uninterrupted and quick currency transfers to West Africa and Easy without charging any sort of sending fees. This service comes with a wide range network to grow in many countries where people can easily send money without any problem.

Working of Wave

Wave operates with an app known as Sendwave that you can easily install on your mobile phone. This app can be installed by visiting the Google Store for an Android mobile and App Store for iOS devices.

Activation of Sendwave app

To activate the app, you will be required to fill in the name, home address, and details about the debit card that linked with your debit account. An only debit card is allowed, no PayPal or credit card can be used for completing money transferring.

The bank account for only approved countries will be required. Some of the supported countries of Wave are:




How to send money via Wave?

To complete Wave processing to Ghana, users need to input the name of recipients, phone number as well as money amount you wish to transfer via an app. Wave will further convert the currency of your money to the Ghanaian currency. The transferring of money takes only 30 seconds. The recipient will further receive the money on your mobile wallet. By visiting any Wave transfer agents in the country, the recipient can receive their cash.

Does Wave Work effectively in Ghana?

Yes, you can easily send your money from any destination to Ghana by Wave. After competing for transactions by the sender. The recipient will get money instantly. So, for that purpose name of the recipient and phone number is required with a proper service provider like AirtelTigo and MTN in Ghana.

Limit of Money Transfer by Wave

Wave Money Transfer is the convenient and fastest method and has some limits that are given below:
$999/day ($2,999 per month))
£750/day ( £2,500 per month)
€750/day (€2,500 per month)
A sender can offer the detail of his/her identity to Wave for further security purposes that will help to increase the limit of sending.

Why Choose Wave?

You should choose it because:
It is an app-enabled platform that can access via smartphones.
No fees and offers lots of benefits to sending money

Fast and instant transactions
Competitive exchange rates
No minimum limit of money
Convenient and easy to use