See World's First Gold Platted Hotel In Vietnam

The world’s first self-proclaimed gold-plated hotel is now open for business in Vietnam, and despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the luxurious structure is now open for business.

The Vietnamese owners insist they have the Midas touch.

The “Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake hotel” cost $200 million to construct with a 24-carat plating across lobbies, an infinity pool and rooms with even cutlery, cups, showerheads and toilet seats receiving the golden treatment.

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Coffee is served in a gold cup and bath time is taken in gilded splendour.

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The hotel which sits by Giang Vo Lake in the centre of the Vietnamese capital has 400 rooms and will operate under the American Wyndham Hotels brand.

While expensive for Vietnam, at $250 a night it is not prohibitive for wealthy locals craving a few nights living like Donald Trump, the US President renowned for his love of all things that glitter.

The hotel wants “ordinary people to the super-rich… to check-in” both physically and on social media, said Nguyen Huu Duong, chairman of Hoa Binh group that owns the hotel. Nguyen Huu Duong, chairman of Hoa Binh group that owns the hotel said;

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“We want the ordinary people to the super-rich… to check-in. Our group has a factory that can do gold-plated stuff, so the cost for our equipment and furniture here is quite cheap.”

Phillip Park, a South Korean guest said;

“When I arrived here… I felt like a king, you know, the Pharaoh… the king of Egypt.”

The relatively modest construction price tag was achieved by sourcing the gold plating locally — significantly reducing costs.

See photos of the Gold platted hotel in Vietnam:

See World's First Gold Platted Hotel In Vietnam