“Good morning ma, what am about to tell you will not only shock you but will fear you ma. I have been having marital issues, serious issues that led to my bp. I have high blood pressure due to this right now.

I live with my husband, my mom and younger sister who is in level 200 in the university, my husband cheats with not just any girl but my younger sister is the one that connects him with this women. My younger sister connected him with two of her friends and he even built for one of them and we are still renting,I pay my sisters school fees, what hurts more is that of my mother, she said that is why she asked me to marry before my sister. That my sister was supposed to marry same day with me but as her man called off her own wedding I shouldn’t have gone ahead with mine. That she won’t blame my sister much but she blames me. Mum it did not stop there.

I rushed to a friend’s house who always asked me, if me and my younger sister came from same mom often to relate the issue to her and she told me that she knew but was scared letting me know. My sister also sleeps with my husband and owns a saloon and am not aware, I am still struggling to pay her fees, admin. I ran home with tears to cry to my mum and she said she knows about the shop that if my husband helps my sister is it bad? Ma, I want to take my life but pity my kids, what I have always shown them is kindness, i have always loved both, cared and gave my last.

I wear foos cloths and shoes as a civil servant, I earn quite big but use all of my life savings on them, this is my reward oooooo, admin, how else will I start, who will I fight, who to question. My father died and left us in pains, left us and I took the responsibility. See my reward”


  1. My sister, the only advise I have for you is to take care of yourself and take care of your children tomorrow will be better.for your husband time will reach he come to his séances and it will late. As you have seen everything yourself stop westing your money on your sister and mother concentrate on your children that bus the only assets you have for tomorrow. If you die because of a man ,you lost it.

  2. Thank God for giving you children. Let them be your everything. Read Rev. 3:9-10. One day they will come and kneel before you. Let the Lord be your husband and everything.

  3. Am shocked nd lost. You have life, you have your children as well. For your kid sister nd mother, karma awaited them. They will receive their punishment on earth. That money you use in paying her fees, use it on yourself. Pamper yourself nd your children with your hard earned nd feel good. Forget abt your sister nd mother. Pretend as if they don’t exist. I promise you, they will surely reap what they are sowing soon


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