On the Zone Radio with Busta Rhymes, Swizz Beatz talked about Drake on June 20. The subject of the conversation was a song that Busta Rhymes and Drake worked together on, a long time ago Swizz Beatz said that the reason the record remained unreleased is that Drake was unable to communicate with Busta Rhymes well enough. At the same time, he added that he had nothing personal against Drake, and if he had any personal issues with him, he would shoot Drake’s plane out of the sky. Busta Rhymes tried to ease the tension by saying that there was no “bad blood” between him and Drake. The reason Drake reached out to Busta Rhymes was that Drake wanted to work with the produced J Dilla. The song that Drake and Busta Rhymes collaborated on is “Stay Down” and it leaked mid-June. The day after the interview Swizz Beatz apologized for his comments on Drake. He explained the incident by being drunk during the interview and being in the “wrong space”.

 Fans hope for Drake’s tour in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically changed our lives. It affected every industry and just everyone all over the world. The music industry is no exception. Many singers including Michael Buble, Justin Bieber, Drake, and others, had to cancel their tours and concerts. Drake canceled all his concerts and shows for 2020. However, the fans hope that his return to the stage in 2021 will be grand! Still, the fans miss the live shows, but before the big venues are open again and before the fans can fill up stadiums to see stars as Drake performs, there might be some private parties with VIP audiences happening in US and Canadian casinos. Drake has done the VIP performance in front of rich guests in Canada. During the performance, guests have a chance to listen to Drake’s performance while casinos display game tables along with live slot machines. Many countries entering phase one of reopening after the pandemic and bars, restaurants, and casinos are allowed to accommodate a certain number of people. Canadian casinos are known for organizing concerts with celebrities and surprising their guests with the shows by star performances. The parties are said to be wild, fun, and extravagant. The shows have very strict dress codes, however, the themes vary from comic book-themed nights where the VIP audiences can dress as their favorite characters to classic nights, where the guests show up in tuxedos and gowns. So, not only the guests will see an exclusive performance by Drake, but will also enjoy a fun party. As if this was not enough to be content and have a great time, the organizers go as far as to offer all gambling forms. Poker tables, slot machines, roulette tables, sports betting, and other games are at the disposal of the guests while the performance is happening.

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Drake released his fifth studio album this year. A new mixtape “Dark Lane Demo Tapes” has 14 songs. The album is a big hit in Canada and the United States and ended up on top of every chart, including the Hot 100. Drake already has many new songs that the fans would love to hear in 2021. Additionally, word around town is that Drake is about to announce his sixth studio album.  


Why Drake’s stellar debut ‘Thank Me Later’ was overshadowed by his own success


“Haters gonna hate” as the wisdom from the digital world states, and Drake too has followers/haters who think he is only good for memes. Drake’s social persona often overshadows his music and generally creative work that he does in many fields. However, even people who think he is “too active” on social platforms say that the fans should not forget that once, Drake was a great, interesting musician. “Thank Me Later” was the song that made him popular in 2010. With this song, Drake proved that there was more to him than just Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi: The Next Generation. Drake is considered a founding member of the new-gen pop-rap and proves the hip-hop stereotypes do not necessarily have to be true in the 21st century. Not all the rappers should be alike and sing about similar subjects. He even has a song without rap “Find Your Love”.