Xeno attacks: boycott South African owned businesses – Blakk Rasta


    In retaliation to the recent attacks on foreign nationals in South Africa, Ghanaian radio personality, Blakk Rasta, has asked African countries to stop patronizing products from South Africa.

    He said this will send a message to the people of that country that the xenophobic attacks was wrong.

    Speaking on the Big Show on Class 91.3FM Saturday September 7, 2019, he indicated that until this action is taken, the xenophobic attacks will continue.

    “The attacks will continue like this if we don’t take these measures.” he stated

    According to the controversial radio personality, “All businesses that belong to South Africans in other African countries should be pulled the plug on. Shop Rite, Game, MTN and all those companies must go home. South Africa can never win against the rest of Africa.”

    He noted that other African countries must arise to stop South Africans from misbehaving.

    “South Africa is just one country. The rest of Africa is about 54 countries as we speak now.” he noted

    Blakk Rasta, who doubles as a musician further called on the African Union (AU) to take action against South Africa over the issue.

    “If the AU is not ready to pullout South Africa then let us all pull out if the AU and see if South Africa alone can stay there,” he said.

    Blakk Pasta is not the first person who has publicly called on Africans to stop seeking the services of Southern African businesses.

    Ghanaian actress and Youth Employment Ambassador Bibi Bright a few days ago urged all MTN Ghana users to port their numbers to Glo following recent xenophobic attacks in South Africa.

    According to her, by doing that it will push the South African government to find solution to the attacks on foreign nationals.

    Bibi noted that speaking against the unfortunate incident on social media and government meeting their officials to bring an end to such attacks has failed

    She observed that South African businesses cannot survive without other people from other countries patronizing their products therefore we should boycott their businesses.




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