‘You Are Disgrace To Womanhood”! Hushpuppi Chopped Jackie Appiah In A Garage-Snapchat Blogger

Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah

The snapchat blogger who was causing confusion on the internet as resurfaced again with some damning revelations about respected actress Jackie Appiah after her account was hacked.


The new account which bears the name fhatpu$$y005 has been dropping more damning revelations that will leave you in shock.

The latest name that popped up is every youth’s role model Jackie Appiah.

According to her,Jackie Appiah who is considered decent among her colleague actresses is actually a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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Fhatpu$$y005 expressed her disappointment at the actress as many consider her as a role model.

Nigerian billionaire,Hushpuppi

The snapchat blogger disclosed that Jackie is chopped by ‘Arab Me’ and Nigerian billionaire ‘Hushpuppi’.

She further stated that the actress Scam men for money and that she once lied to one Alhaji in Nigeria to invest in a movie which never got premiered.

The snapchat account also revealed that Nigerian billionaire ‘Hushpuppi’ chopped her in his gallery and she is a disgrace to womanhood;reason she is still unmarried after her divorce.

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Fhatpu$$y005 called on the actress to stop deceiving people who look up to her.

She added that one man identified as ‘Arab me’ had an$l s$x with her.

The snapchat handle indicated that her promiscuous life is better than the other ‘cheap’ actresses because she gets ‘benged’ and receives cars and others.

Fhatpu$$y begged Jackie Appiah to let people know that there is no money in the movie industry;reason they have become ‘Ashawobrities’ (celebrities who get ‘Benged’ for money).

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Keep refreshing,BrownGH.com is following the notorious Snapchat Account.

We will keep posting.

See screenshots below:





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