Ghanaian actor Prince David Osei who has cautioned Ghanaians not to vote for the flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress(NDC) John Mahama.

The New Patriotic Party(NPP) sympathiser disclosed that any Ghanaian who votes for John Mahama has a big problem because during his tenure as president he used Ghana’s resources to finance his brothers.

He alleged that John Mahama signed off Ghana’s resources worth $500 to his two brothers in 2014 and 2016 adding that the former president nearly collapsed the economy in 2016.

He advised the youth to think about their future and reject John Mahama.

Read his full Instagram post below:

Gm 🇬🇭 John Mahama Signed Off Ghana’s US$500bn Resources To His Two Brothers In 2014 & 2016 – PPD

The Ex President, His Excellency John Dramani Mahama nearly collapsed the economy in 2016 after he signed off almost US$500 billion of the country’s natural resources to his immediate brother, Ibrahim Mahama.

John Mahama signed off 58 percent of the country’s total bauxite reserves to Exton Cubic, a company owned by his brother after he lost the 2016 general elections, which is estimated at US$300billion in monetary terms.

Additionally, the ex-President also signed off almost 80 percent of the Keta oil basin, which is estimated at US$350billion to Heritage Oil in 2014 a company owned by his brothers, Ibrahim Mahama and Alfred Mahama.

This means that the ex President handed over almost US$500 billion of the country’s wealth to his brother.

According to the Patriots for Peace and Development, (PPD) had it not been the swift intervention of Nana Addo’s government to reserve the Exton Cubic deal, the country could have lost a huge natural resource in the hands of some individuals in satisfying their parochial interest.

In a statement signed by Richard Danso, the Convener of the PPD, they believe that John Dramani Mahama cannot be trusted in running the affairs of this country hence Ghanaians should reject him in the upcoming election,

“The mind boggling question is, how can you deprive the region of developmental projects while you are in office but decide to give the oil wealth to your brothers whose interests are to reap off the region. This is a total stealing of the wealth of Votarians who constitute the world bank of the NDC.

You need their votes to win the election so you can get the opportunity to steal their oil wealth . . . it would not happen,” the statement said.

“Most of the pressure groups in the Volta region are very angry with this latest action and have pledged to vote against John Mahama and the NDC. You want to reap electorate votes but deprive the region of oil revenue,” sad

Every Youth out there, think about your future, our future and REJECT JM, The Padrino of Corruption and Embezzlement”



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