Young bride narrates ordeal she is facing in her 5-year-old marriage to gay cultist

Finding and settling down with the love of your life can be a blessing and sometimes, can be a curse.

An unidentified young bride has the internet in shock over bizarre details of what she is facing in her five-year-old marriage.

According to a post shared on social media, the young bride revealed that she has been married for five years, but is yet to get intimate with her husband.

The obviously frustrated lady shared that she married her husband when she was only 18 as a maiden and expected to be swept off her feet in the other room.

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However saving herself for her husband has not been such a great idea as even after spending half a decade married, he is yet to get intimate with her.

Even worse, her worst fears began manifesting when her so-called husband confessed to being in a secret gay cult that forbids him from touching his wife until their eighth wedding anniversary after he must have slept with pig for one week.

It sounds a lot like fiction to many people who have advised that she takes to her heels and abandon such spiritually filthy marriage least it starts affecting her negatively.

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Meanwhile, a Kumawood actress, Gladys Akosua Norvo, who is popularly known in showbiz circles as Naglad has taken to social media to lament over a heartbreak she has suffered.

According to Naglad, the boyfriend dumped her for no reason after using her body and other resources.

In a video sighted on social media, Naglad disclosed that her boyfriend, after getting a beautiful lady like her, was not only using her well-endowed body but also spent her money, and use her car too.


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