Infidelity in a relationship kills and ruins it and must be definitely avoided. Relationship between couples must be genuine and not fake. Look, women especially those who are in love with their ex or can’t seem to get over their past relationships tend to go back or cheat on their boyfriends with their exes.

In this article, I’ll be showing you secrets on how to be aware so as not to be caught unaware if your lovely girlfriend still loves her ex and would love to go back to him.

1. She hides little secret from you

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In a relationship couples should learn how to be more open to each other so as to avoid unnecessary break up. Don’t be shocked if your girlfriend does it, she hides information containing her ex and she wouldn’t want you to see it.

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2. If she find it difficult to define your relationship

Feeling must be mutual I guess, when your girlfriends finds it difficult to define what you guys feel for each other then she might be cheating on you with her ex.

3. Making reference to her ex when you too have fights

Psychologically, when someone feels irritated or angry about one particular thing , he/she always tells the truth at that particular moment. If all she talks about is her lovely memories with her ex, how they were good couple, how he her ex is good in bed or how he keeps her happy all the time. Keep your composure bro, things are all about to get interesting.

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4. If you find her on phone whenever you guys are suppose having good time

Moments should be dedicated for couples to stick together and have good time not the opposite. She keeps her phone from you or put on password on it is a sign of cheating.

5.You found out she still keeps memories of her ex

By gones are by gone, one should be able to erase little memories of her and her ex together, then she would definitely welcome her ex in open arms